What Happens On Tour: Raz B on how B2K overcame ‘trust issues’ to launch epic reunion shows

Everyone knows what to expect from a music concert. The lights go down, the audience erupts into a chorus of applause and the idolised superstar arrives on stage, bursting with energy, ready to entertain the throng of their adoring fans for one night only.

It’s pretty spectacular.

But, ever wondered what happens once the curtains close and the lights go up? Are there diva tantrums? Catty fights between dancers? Tour riders demanding vitamin water to bathe pet dogs? Yes Mariah, we might be looking at you for that one, girl.

If you have, you’ve come to the right place as will give you an all-access, backstage look into what it really takes to make the tours of your favourite popstars come to life, while also reminiscing on some unique moments that made headline news.

Touring is not only an experience for the performer and the fans – the backing dancers, singers, stylists and others are also very much a part of the process and, perhaps more importantly, the backbone of these mammoth shows.

So grab your backstage pass as we get the inside scoop from B2K singer Raz B because, in this case, What Happens On Tour (Doesn’t) Stay On Tour…

A B2K reunion seemed almost as elusive as Rihanna’s long-awaited ninth studio album.

B2K made a successful comeback (Picture: Getty Images)

But finally in 2018, Omarion, Raz B, J Boog and Fizz announced they would be embarking on a reunion tour across North America.

And our teen hearts melted with nostalgia at the thought of one of R&B’s most successful groups getting back together.

It took around 14 years and a lot of growth both personally and together, for the four-piece to mend any differences and reunite. And boy, has it been one hell of a comeback.

B2K released their self-titled debut album in 2002 and enjoyed success on the charts with the number one Hot 100 single Bump Bump Bump which featuring P Diddy, and songs such as Girlfriend, Gots Ta Be, and the dance battle movie You Got Served.

A few years after dropping their second album Pandemonium!, B2K parted ways.

So what’s it like sharing the same stage together after so many years?

‘It was like we’d never been apart. We had so much to talk about,’ Raz B told

Raz B pushed for B2K to get back together (Picture: Getty Images)

‘We also got a chance to see that yeah, we grew up together, we spent a lot of time together, but we spent so much more time away from each other than we spent with each other. But we had such a big impact that essentially it kept us together.

‘It was so interesting to get around my boys because, I don’t care what anybody may say, there’s love there.’

After so many years apart, it’s natural that B2K had their reservations about getting back together. The music industry looks a lot different now to how it was when they were in their late teens in the early noughties.

Raz B, real name real name De’Mario Thornton, said of how they overcome this obstacle: ‘Eventually I had to kind of move out the way because we’re all grown men, and there’s still a lot of trust issues and things that we have to develop.’

‘So I allowed everyone to negotiate the deal separately, that way we all could get what it is that we feel that we were entitled to. Because things are a little bit different compared to where we were as kids in terms of our structure. You know, business wasn’t right as kids.’

Once the business side was handled, B2K hit the road and it’s safe to say, the reunion was a success with fans now begging for European dates. Raz B admits he’s up for coming over to the UK but the final decision rests with the other group members.

With all four members having big personalities, fans are desperate to know whether B2K really get along when they leave the stage and head backstage.

Opening up about the dynamic between them behind-the-scenes, the 34-year-old said: ‘I spoke to all of the guys but me and Omarion spent a lot of time together because we were sharing dressing rooms at the beginning of the tour. So we had a lot of bonding time to really talk about stuff.

‘Me and Boog are real close, we’ve always been close since we were kids. And me and Fizz just some really mature, adult conversations.’

They really have grown up.

In recent weeks, there’s been no escaping the controversy that has embroiled B2K.

It was confirmed that Omarion’s ex-girlfriend, Apryl Jones, really is dating his B2K bandmate Fizz.

A messy situation but one Raz B isn’t focusing on.

‘These problems and speculation’s been going on and they just [did a whole tour in front of you],’ Raz said of the group’s professionalism.

‘I don’t really know too much about it because I’m not really in it. But I think Omarion spoke for himself best.

‘I’ll probably have a stronger opinion in my Full Disclosure documentary but for now, I think Omarion spoke his piece. If you guys are in love, then leave him out of it. Don’t try to parade his name around. Leave him out of it.’

Speaking to Raz B on the phone, he’s open, honest and funny – nothing like the eccentric persona he’s been portrayed as over the years.

Addressing his reason for walking out of B2K’s early reunion shows, he said frankly: ‘I never officially left the tour in the beginning. I’m so passionate about my tour that when some things are not right, there were some things that triggered me to p**s me the f**k off. And I expressed how I felt.

‘With respect to everyone’s business dealings, I didn’t want to mess up something that we worked so hard to build.’

During B2K’s lengthy hiatus, Raz B spent seven years living and working in China where he says he worked on bridging the gap between China and the US with regards to the entertainment industry.

‘I’m very involved in what’s going on with China and America when it comes to the entertainment business and then purchasing certain companies and buying licences from four major companies.

But my album is more R&B based which is entitled Full Disclosure because I want to get back to the essence of what it is that people love about B2K and about that sound.’

He’s also been busy working on building new artists Renee, from Switzerland, and Nahida, a rising star from London under his independent record label.

Raz B’s aspirations don’t just stop at music either.

The musician also hopes to open a foundation, Boys To Kings, where young boys can have guidance and mentorship with navigating their way to adulthood – and all the emotional experiences teen boys tend to have but are unable to open up about.

Beyonce would be proud.

That’s not a random link to the superstar – B2K spent a lot of time touring with Destiny’s Child in the very early days of their career. Before Beyonce was the Queen Bey we worship today.

Recalling their time with the legendary girl group, Raz said: ‘The girls would come to our house so we had a relationship with them before we went on tour with them.

‘They were like our big sisters.

‘It might have been my 16th or 17th birthday and Beyonce brought me out and had everyone shout “Happy Birthday, Mario!” I also love how Beyonce took her career to the next level and how she continues to involve the group throughout the years.’

The same can be said for Raz pushing for B2K to get back together.

‘I think for not being around each other for so many years, and then we just jump right back into rehearsals and on stage, it’s crazy because the whole world got a chance to see how magical we are despite whatever we may be going through as a group,’ he mused.

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