What Boris Johnson is REALLY planning: Brexiteer’s next steps REVEALED

The former Foreign Secretary launched a fiery attack against Mrs May, branding her a “chicken” in which he claimed she had “bottled it completely” over Brexit. And now ITV’s Robert Peston has predicted Mr Johnson is set to support Mrs May’s deal so long as “she serves up her own head today or tomorrow”. He said Brexiteer Mr Johnson would only back Mrs May exit agreement if her chief Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins is ousted. Mr Peston said Mr Johnson’s own Brexit plan, which is the “grand-daddy of all unicorns, impossibilism on stilts”, is “dead”.

He tweeted: “Having now read @BorisJohnson in @Telegraph, it is clear to me he is preparing ground for mother of all U-turns – and that he is poised to support @theresa_may’s deal if she brings it back for third meaningful vote, so long as she commits to resign after the deal is ratified and removes Olly Robbins from the team that negotiates the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

“The point is that the alternative he proposes, a no deal rupture on 12 April but the shock mitigated by a 33 month ‘implementation period’, is viewed in the Cabinet and every EU capital as the grand-daddy of all unicorns, impossibilism on stilts.

“And although @BorisJohnson has been banging on about his grand plan for yonks, he surely now knows it is dead.

“So if the PM serves him up her own head today or tomorrow, he will surely back her deal.

“He couldn’t bank her departure, rev up his own campaign to succeed her, and then vote down her Brexit plan? Could he?

“Read attached Johnsonian conclusions and tell me what you think. It is a very conditional offer to the PM, which still makes clear he isn’t persuaded UK would ever exit the backstop.”

Mr Peston’s predictions come as Mrs May faces one of the toughest weeks of her Premiership, with MPs poised to seize control of the Brexit process and facing pressure to resign.

Mr Johnson was invited to a tense showdown at Chequers, along with other arch-Eurosceptics on Sunday, where the Prime Minister had summoned them in the hope of persuading them to finally back her doomed divorce deal.

She faced repeated calls to name a date for her departure but refused to do so, instead warning that failing to back her deal will lead to a softer Brexit.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Mr Johnson had urged Mrs May to “tell Brussels let my people go”.

He said the Prime Minister must “channel the spirit of Moses” as he called on her to abandon her deal and “come out of the EU now”, writing: “We are not leaving this Friday because the Government has chickened out”.


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