What are the 3 P’s of packaging?

What are the 3 P's of packaging?

Packaging or product packaging design is the art of creating the exterior of a product. The exterior part of a product includes the container and wrapper or cover or case. This art involves the choices in material and form which entails the colour, fonts, and graphics that are used in cases, covers, or any kind of container used for a product. The importance of packaging is primarily to impress consumers when they set their eyes on it. It also gives the product its unique identity. Now you know how important packaging can be for your business. For you to enjoy the benefits of packaging, you need to know the 3 P’s of packaging. Don’t bother looking for big books, we have simplified it for you here.


The first P stands for protection or product protection. One of the reasons why humans wear cloth is to protect us from sunlight and harmful chemicals. The same goes for a product as its packaging serves its protective gears. The product packaging provides physical protection for your products. It serves as a shield for the product and that’s why you should invest enough in this aspect. Most business owners try to cut the cost of materials used for packaging or they invest more in the design of the packaging. This is a fatal mistake that can cause death to your business. If your product doesn’t have 100% protection, your business will incur loss and your customers will buy from your competition.

Promote the Product

The second P of packaging is how the packaging promotes the product. After you have covered the protection aspect, you need to make sure that the packaging presents the product in an acceptable manner. This is where the design and fonts come into play. Some brands do make mistakes of filling up the whole space on a packaging design. If what you want to put on your wrapping or box won’t convince people to buy that product, don’t put it. Take, for example, most food products include nutritional information and ingredients on their containers. Why? Because it convinces consumers to buy. Your packaging is like your product’s CV and it must contain the necessary information that will appeal to those that need it.

Perceived Value

Look at the packaging of Nike, Adidas, and many more, you will love it. An Adidas shoe case in your house will get you some respect; that’s the perceived value the packaging gives to customers. What do you want your customers to perceive from your packaging? Respect? Love? Spirituality? You can infuse any of this value into your packaging. It appeals to the customers and triggers them to buy your product.

The packaging of your product depends on the product. You can’t compare the packaging of shoes to that of fertilizers. There are many packaging manufacturers from the UK and we offer the best deal that suits your product and package. At Art of Packaging, we offer pretty designs that appeal to your customers.

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