What are British People Spending Money on in Dubai in 2022?

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. It is called a miracle city and even the “Paris of the Persian Gulf.” Here you quickly get used to ideal roads, air conditioners at bus stops and police officers in Lamborghini and Ferrari. Recently, a huge number of tourists have begun to come here, luring them here with gorgeous weather, recreational opportunities, local culture and the coolest sights. Undoubtedly, this vacation is not the cheapest, we want to highlight the top tourist whims that money is spent on. We conducted a survey and observation in order to give you an objective result.

What are British People Spending Money on in Dubai in 2022?


One of the most popular entertainments in Dubai is car rental. The city of Dubai is simply overflowing with expensive cars, they are at every turn, so it is not at all strange that the car rental industry is developed here. Many companies have Lamborghinis, Mercedes, Ferraris and other luxury cars in their fleets. Almost all tourists from the first hours of rest provide themselves with transport, namely, a rented car. It is worth noting that people rent a car not only to move around the city and beyond, because when traveling by public transport they often experience some discomfort, and the mobility of tourists is quite low, but also for cool entertainment, unforgettable emotions. As practice shows, not only luxury cars or supercars are in demand among tourists, because, firstly, not everyone has enough money to rent luxury cars,secondly, it is not always practical. Often tourists cast their eyes on off-road vehicles, but here it will not be difficult to rent a jeep, lovers of practical, calm and comfortable driving do not pass by. For rent, people get a car in perfect condition, they are always clean and well-groomed, because this is Dubai here in no other way, and the price of an SUV is affordable for almost everyone.

According to the results of our research, it can be noted that people trust the car rental service, the satisfied customer base is growing every day. It can be concluded that car rental among tourists in Dubai is very popular, part of the resort budget goes to this need. If you fly on a vacation to a vacation in the UAE, be sure to take care of how to rent a supercar in dubai for cheap.


It is also important to purchase your accommodation upon arrival on vacation. This issue occupies a significant part of the budget of tourists, there are not very many options for housing:

  • Hostel
  • Hotel
  • Rented apartment
  • Private house (villa)

It all depends on several factors, for example, people came as a family, or a person came alone, or with a friend. If tourists are coming as a family, they are more likely to rent a room or two in a hotel, various articles such as the top 5 family hotels in Dubai help them in finding a hotel. If tourists come in a large company, it is quite profitable for them to rent an apartment with a large number of beds. We noticed that the majority of tourists still prefer hotels or, in extreme cases, hostels, because hotels have excellent service, quality services. Prices for hotel rooms fluctuate in the middle position around $700-1000, which means that this opportunity is provided to the majority of wealthy tourists.


Food is an important component of all people, a tourist comes to try the local cuisine. In the United Arab Emirates, there are enough catering establishments where you can eat delicious meals every day without worrying about cooking yourself. Dinner for two at a good restaurant can cost 80-120 dirhams, while tourists spend about 30 dirhams at McDonalds or other type of fast food.


Dubai is a very busy city that requires a huge amount of people’s attention and money, so it will take more than one paragraph to describe all the expenses of tourists, because tourists pay everywhere, because in order to fully experience the rest in Dubai, you need to be prepared for numerous expenses.

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