Westworld Season 3 Recap: Remembering Incite, Rehoboam, Solomon, and More

Caleb is the one who goes to Solomon, a previous version of Rehoboam built by Serac’s brother Jean-Mi, for a strategy to kill Serac. After Maeve uses an EMP to disable her, Dolores, and Solomon at Serac’s Mexican facility, Caleb is the one to recover Dolores’ pearl and bring her back to LA, puts her in a new body, and goes with her to Incite to plant the control module from Solomon into Rehoboam in an attempt to bring down the master control system governing humanity. Caleb uses Solomon to gain control of Rehoboam, and he deletes the computer system, thereby stopping the only thing that might have been keeping humanity from tearing itself at the seams.

William, no stranger to being torn at the seams, spends most of the season having visions of his late daughter Emily, who he killed on Westworld. Charlotte attempts to manipulate him into taking a board meeting to stop Serac’s hostile takeover, but once William helps Bernard and Maeve uncover that Dolores has been making copies of herself, he’s too much of a threat, so Dolores has him put into a mental institution. Turns out, staying there might have been his best option; after William shoots Ashley and leaves Bernard, he makes his way to Delos’ Dubai headquarters, where he’s shot and seemingly killed by a Host variant of himself with a little help from Charlotte. Of course, this isn’t the first time William has been left for dead, and it’s undecided if one of Westworld‘s two remaining important humans remains human, or is simply human remains.

Maeve and Serac

Bernard and Ashley try their best to be a thorn in Dolores’ side, but for the most part, they’re simply an occasional annoyance. The real threat to Dolores’ plan is Maeve, rescued from the island by Serac and given a new body with the express purpose of stopping Dolores before she can undo his work. But it takes awhile to get to that point.

First, Maeve spends a lot of time in a virtual reality simulation of Delos’s Warworld theme park, in which she is reunited with a Resistance version of Hector who gets her to a plane only for Maeve to kill herself. She wakes up in Operations, where a seemingly alive Lee Sizemore (Simon Quartermain) offers to help her get to the forge. This also isn’t real; it’s a second layer of virtual reality. Once Maeve figures out how to get out of that system and into the real world, she attempts to steal her pearl but is stopped only to wake up in a real-world host body to meet her benefactor Serac. He needs a host to stop a host, and Maeve still has an ax to grind with Dolores. All it takes it is to offer Maeve her daughter back and she’s on board.

Maeve serves as Serac’s agent in the chase for Dolores; she goes to Asia to meet with Sato and thus is one of the people to uncover that Dolores copied herself in the other hosts along with William and Bernard. She’s injured and left for dead, but recovered and put back into Warworld while her body is repaired. While in Warworld, she discovers the Connells pearl thought lost in the explosion is also in the simulation with her, allowing her to dig into Dolores’ thought patterns a bit while Dolores learns that Maeve is looking for friends to help her on her quest. 

Maeve wakes up in a fresh body, while two other allies are being knitted together behind her. Those turn out to be Hanaryo (Tao Okamoto) and Clementine (Angela Sarafyan), who head off to Asia to kill Dolores Sato while Maeve arrives at Serac’s reeducation camp to try and stop Dolores from getting the AI Solomon. The two fight until both are disabled by the EMP. Maeve shows back up again to fight Dolores at the Rehoboam facility in Los Angeles, with Dolores getting taken down and brought to Serac. Dolores is being slowly deleted when she reaches out to Maeve and wins her over to her side. Maeve kills Serac’s men, wounds Serac, and after Rehoboam’s final deletion, she’s last seen leaving Incite with Caleb.


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