Westlife reveal band FIRST for major Strictly Come Dancing The Results performance

Westlife are back after seven years away from the recording studio, and bandmates Kian Egan, Nicky Byrne, Shane Filan and Mark Feehily are ready to be “bigger and better” than ever for their second time around.

The Irish band’s fans were delighted when the news was announced earlier this year, and there’s plenty in the pipeline to be excited about.

With the release of their new album Spectrum just released on Universal, and more tour dates – including the iconic Wembley Stadium – lined up for next year – the band are storming ahead.

And in their performance on tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing, Westlife will even be including their own choreographed dance routine.

Fans of the dance competition are used to seeing the professional dancers take to the floor during the guest’s performance on the Sunday night show, but this one looks set to be very different.

Speaking to ahead of the album launch, Kian revealed: “We’ve even got a little dance routine.

“Well I don’t know if you’d call it a dance routine,” he giggled, “but we’ve got more movement than we’ve probably ever done on TV for Strictly.

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“And it’s a little medley of a few of our songs – Hello My Love and then two old songs as well and it’s all up-tempo.

“So it’s a fun kind of performance for us, but again we’re trying really hard to up our game, and be a better band and just be generally across the board.

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“Have a better vibe going and keep ourselves younger and fresher even though we’re a lot older. 

The star admitted to feeling the nerves ahead of the show however, which airs at 7.15pm tonight.

“Yeah you know we haven’t been on Strictly in a long time,” Kian said. “So coming back and doing big TV shows like that…

“They’re always going to be quite nerve wracking you know.

“And I think,” the singer went on. “We’re trying to up our game in every shape and form with the Westlife reunion and the 2.0.”

Mark also shared how the band has more energy for their careers than ever before, hopeful that will reflect in their new songs and tonight’s show.

“100 per cent yeah, it really feels like that,” he said. “And I think in the contrast how we may have came across to the fans as Westlife before…

“It’s not that we didn’t love our jobs, not that we didn’t feel lucky, but when you do something so much – we used to release an album and do a tour every year.

“And so too much of a good thing can take a little bit of the sparkle out of it, and so for instance right now, after having come back and being away from it for seven years, also the fans have been away from us for seven years, so that sparkle and that magic has well and truly ignited.

“The want and the anticipation from our fanbase for new Westlife music was very high, and our want to get back in the studio and make music was very high, so when you have that I think it comes through.

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“People say to us all the time ‘You seem so much fresher and almost younger than you ever were.’

“So that’s how we feel you know, I think it’s good that people notice that,” the singer added.

Strictly Come Dancing The Results airs tonight at 7.15pm on BBC One.


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