We’ll end witch-hunt of veterans, says PM

A Bill to end probes into incidents in the province up to 40 years ago was left out of the Queen’s Speech, igniting fury. But the PM has promised to introduce new legislation if the Conservatives win the General Election. Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Johnson said consultation work on the new legislation was only concluded “a few days ago”. 

The PM was responding to a question by Tory MP Jack Lopresti who asked if the witch-hunt against British soldiers could be ended. 

Mr Johnson said: “We will be bringing forward legislation to ensure there are no unfair prosecutions of people who served this country faithfully and well when there is no new evidence being provided.” His pledge comes amid claims from a DUP MP that a Whitehall department is trying to “placate” Sinn Fein rather than protect troops. 

Hundreds of former soldiers face reinvestigation over historical incidents even though IRA terrorists were granted early release from prison under the Good Friday Agreement. The PM’s pledge is a boost for the Daily Express crusade to stop former troops being persecuted. 


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