Welcome return of scintillating swifts | Brief letters

Greg Clarke, chairman of the FA, says: “We must always remember pioneers like Jack Leslie and be thankful that football is in a very different place today” (Statue campaign for black footballer denied England cap in 1920s, 1 July). Maybe he should ask some of today’s black footballers for their view, not to mention the sad lack of black coaches and managers. Stunning complacency, I’d say.
Linda Rhead
Hampton, London

The residents of Ballachulish, population 820 with its own primary school and medical centre, will be surprised to learn that despite being on the main Glasgow-Fort William road, and enjoying electricity, running water and fibre broadband, it is considered “remote” by Glasgow-based Libby Brooks (Highland communities anxious as Scotland gears up for tourism, 1 July).
Brian Ferris
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

In view of the clear logic of Prof Peter Piot (Make masks compulsory in public in UK, says virus expert, 30 June), could the Guardian lead a campaign with the slogan “Wear a mask, protect others, save yourself”?
Dr Lynda Mountford
St Albans, Hertfordshire

My wife has cut my hair for 40 years (Letters, 2 July), but lockdown prompted a reversal and I found myself cutting hers. No different to mowing the lawn really.
Philip Smart

In Lewes we’re enjoying a terrific swift season (Letters, 1 July). More than 50 nests this year. Amazing birds and wonderful to have more back.
Lynn Wiseman
Lewes, East Sussex


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