Weird (and beautiful) science: Incredible images from 'science photographer of the year' competition

‘We are looking for eye-catching images that show science being done, show how photography helps science or how science impacts upon our daily lives,’ the RPS says.. 

The images will go in display in central London, at a yet undisclosed location, later this year. 

There will be two winning photographs from the competition who are expected to receive a unique experience that ‘money can’t buy’. 

Images in the competition include a remarkable close-up of a Confused Flour Beetle which is often found in grain and flour products. 

The scanning electronmicrograph (SEM) image captures the pores and undulating surface of the pest. 

SEM imagery is often used to detect surface abnormalities in a range of different tiny objects and is non-invasive – meaning it doesn’t harm the animal.  

The unique name of the insect comes from the general confusion surrounding it and the fact it is often mistaken for the Red Flour Beetle.

Another incredible image is of a safety pin hooked up to a high-tension AC generator.

This energy then caused the pin to ionise the air around it and create an eerie hue. 


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