Weezer release online video game to tie-in with new album

US rock band Weezer have released an online video game to promote their upcoming album.

In the game, players control any of the band’s four members – Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Brian Bell and Scott Shriner – and whizz through a vaguely psychedelic 8-bit background before coming face-to-face with the “final boss”, a giant alien.

If players manage to beat the alien, however, they still have to traverse a booby trap-laden path leading to a treasure chest which is seeming impossible to reach.

The End of the Game Game (named after their recent track “The End of the Game”) was designed by Jason Oda​ and is, according to a statement, an “ode to the boss levels that are notoriously impossible to beat.”

You can play the browser-based game here.

It’s not the first time Weezer have attempted to capitalise on the current nostalgia boom. In 2018, the band covered Toto’s re-popularised 1980s hit “Africa” after an online campaign by their fans.

The band’s upcoming LP, entitled Van Weezer, is released on 15 May. 


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