Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: The worst part of your favourite game

I’ve played Mass Effect many, many times over the years and I still reckon the lore, setting, story, races, action and the ominous threat of the as yet unknown Reapers makes it the greatest space odyssey soap opera of this and the last generation. However, I just cannot face all the micro management of the weapons/ammo/armour anymore…

Seven characters (six when ya off Kaiden!) with four guns apiece; swap Frog’s bland rifle 1 for a bland rifle 2, swap Insect Face’s peashooter 3 for a peashooter 4, then check t’other lot to make sure they’ve all got the very best version of the guns that they’ll never use. Next comes the ammo, same rules, Hot Blue Nerd Lady’s ra-ta-ta rifle needs its hot ‘n’ spicy round 4 replacing with a hot ‘n’ spicy round 5 and so on and so on until me brain is fried!

What’s next you ask? Armour of course, same rules, same very kill me now… And of course, when all this is over you can, and indeed have to, sell all this excess tat to the shop otherwise you run out of inventory space and alas no more ra-ta-ta rifles for you until you sell them all one… at… a… time. 999 items and the best thing is you will get to do it at least three or four times during the game, lucky you. Of course, to fix these awful, awful problems all that needs doing is a classy remake in the style of 2. Sorted!
big boy bent

GC: It’s your favourite game and you call them Frog and Insect Face?


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