We tried SKIMS SWIM’s latest drop to see if it's really worth the hype

I am a sucker for swimwear. I love being by water, so it was only natural. I was gagging to give these a go as I’ve only heard good things about SKIMS SWIM. I tried out the triangle bikini top, as well as the long sleeve swim top, and I’ll tell you what, I loved being in them. It was comforting, flattering and the brown hue was very complementary to my sunkissed dark skin. I’ve always liked the SKIMS loungewear so this is just an elevated water-resistant version of them. It was naturally a win for me.

The classic brief bikini bottoms were comfortable and allowed for more modesty, however,  I would usually go for more of a bikini or cheeky pants shape. Nevertheless, I’m obsessed with the silhouette you can create with these and the material is super stretchy and oh-so-cosy. Oh my, Kim, you got me hooked.

Rating: 9/10

Chelsea Hughes, GLAMOUR’s Senior Visuals Editor

Having seen the hype about SKIMS on TikTok, I was SO excited to try out the SKIMS swimwear as this was my first time giving a go to anything from Kim Kardashian’s famous shapewear brand. I tried out the swimsuit in a tan colour darker than my skin tone. I’m a UK size 14-ish so I opted for a large size. I found the swimsuit comfy and flattering to look at, but I’ve got to admit, it’s not the best swimsuit I’ve ever tried on. I think I overestimated how supportive it was going to be, maybe because it’s been hyped up so much on social media, maybe I needed a different size. 

If I was to order the swimsuit again, I’d definitely purchase a few different sizes to choose from. I struggle to find swimsuits to fully support and cover my chest in order to retain a bit of modesty – I’m not sure the SKIMS swimsuit did that for me. I definitely couldn’t see myself doing any type of activity with this swimsuit on; volleyball, watersports, bending down, all of which would – likely all be a sight for sore eyes. Overall, the quality of the fabric was really great, I just found the fit and the supportiveness slightly disappointing.


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