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Wayne Lineker insists he’s not a ‘bad boyfriend’ after ‘wifey’ checklist went viral

Wayne Lineker has responded to critics after a recent Instagram post about what he looks for in a partner went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Earlier this week, the 58-year-old shared a list of requirements for any possible love interests and while he has insisted the post was “banter”, plenty of people were not impressed.

The checklist included guidelines on everything from which Netflix shows his partner would need to watch (Money Heist, FYI) to the locations they’ll be visiting and, of course, that they need to “have body definition, as I will have soon.”

Lineker then appeared on today’s Good Morning Britain to join a discussion about what women want in men.

Host Kate Garraway revealed that a recent survey suggests ladies prefer “dad bods” to the super-toned look.

Sharing his thoughts on the matter, Lineker replied: “The guys with the better bodies get more temptation to distract themselves from their relationship, but as far as a decent boyfriend or husband is concerned, I think once you’re a cheat you’re always a cheat.

‘It’s all about the mind-set and fortunately it’s not a mindset of mine,” he added. “I’ve never been a cheater, but I’ll keep my lean physique if that’s okay.”

Lineker also revealed that he usually works out “five times a week” but can’t at the moment due to a shoulder injury.

“I like to make myself look the best I can, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a good boyfriend,” he insisted.

As well as striking up conversation, Lineker’s initial post has inspired parody versions.

Comedian Joe Lycett, formerly known as Hugo Boss, shared his own hilarious list of requirements for a fellow egg-loving partner.

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