WATCH: Woman stuns with incredible luggage packing skills by following this one trick

Flights can prove a nightmare as holidaymakers attempt to adhere to airlines’ luggage allowances. Baggage restrictions mean travellers can often take just the one item of hold luggage. Some people struggle to fit everything in their suitcase or bag as they pack. However, they could be wise to take this USA student’s packing advice after she managed an impressive feat.

Elizabeth Childs, 19, from Tacoma, Washington, has said she managed to include almost 50 items of clothing and nine pairs of shoes in one duffle bag.

The business student was packing up her belongings to return back to Winston-Salem State University.

Childs posted a picture of her achievement on Twitter with the caption: “Somebody give me an award.”

The post went rapidly viral accruing well over 65,000 likes at the time of writing.

One photo shows all her clothes, shoes and belongings lined up on the floor ready to pack.

A second photo appears to show all the items pack neatly into an (admittedly bulging) duffel bag.

After Twitter users questioned whether the bag would do up, Childs posted a third image showing the shut luggage with the caption: “Ima just drop this here since people keep asking to see it closed.”

Childs also uploaded a short clip showing the section where she had packed an assorted collection of shoes after people wanted to know where they were kept.

So how did the 19-year-old manage such an impressive feat of packing? She explained it was all thanks to how she rolled her clothes.

The student said: “I honestly have to say my secret to packing everything was down to the bag itself.

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“There’s a bottom compartment which I use to put my shoes in, then I roll my clothes instead of folding them – which I have now discovered is a military technique.”

Childs claims she spent just 15-30 minutes packing the duffel bag of her belongings.

Twitter users were amazement by her achievement and shared their praise on her post.

“Bag probably feels like a brick lol but you did ya thang,” one person posted with a fist-bump emoji.

Another wrote: “What sorcery is this??” while a third added: “How in the world…”

Some requested a tutorial and others demanded full video proof that she had managed to fit everything in.

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