WATCH | White butterflies descending on Joburg has residents agog

A massive butterfly migration has caused much excitement as swarms of the white-winged insects descend on Johannesburg. 

Super excited tweeps took pictures and videos from their cars and offices as the butterflies fluttered about in the city. 

Every year, swarms of white butterflies descended on Johannesburg during their annual migration from South Africa’s west coast to Madagascar, lepidopterist Earle Whiteley told News24 earlier.

Whiteley, a Conservation of Butterflies in SA director, said the spectacle was an annual event, but the clouds of belenois aurota, commonly known as brown-veined white butterflies, did not always follow the same route.

“They start hatching along the entire coastline from Cape Town towards Namibia, then migrate inland in a north-easterly direction.”

Where did all these butterflies come from? Sandton residents all aflutter on Twitter

– Compiled by Riaan Grobler


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