WATCH: Shocking moment 'drunk' woman goes on racist rant over 'foreigners' on plane

A plane passenger’s ‘drunken’ racist rant and violent behaviour has been caught in a viral video. The flight from Barcelona, Spain to Kiev, Ukraine was disturbed by the woman’s air rage and she was later detained by police. Shocking footage shows the Ukranian woman yelling on the packed tourist flight as other flyers and cabin crew try to diffuse the situation. The unnamed passenger is said to have objected sitting next to “foreigners” on the flights.

A Chinese man whom she reportedly attacked had to move seats in the wake of her rage.

One passenger wrote on social media: “She decided that foreigners flying with her should not remain in the cabin any longer. Just because they were foreigners.”

The woman had allegedly been drinking a bottle of whisky bought at duty free in Barcelona.

According to social media reports, crew had asked her to stop drinking but she had ignored their requests.

At one point in the alarming video, a male passenger in a black top appears to punch the woman as the incident escalates.

The woman later climbs up to stand in her chair and kicks out at those near her.

At least three flight attendants – one of whom was former TV presenter Lidiya Polyanskaya – attempted to calm her down.

“It was terrifying, nasty and scary,” said one female passenger, according to East2west news.

Police detained the aggressive woman when the plane landed in Kiev, according to reports.

However, it is not known what charges she faces as a result of her violent behaviour.

The video of the onboard incident – filmed by another passenger – was posted with the message: ”If you provoke a dangerous situation, attack passengers, injure people around you, make them anxious – please do not think that your actions will remain unknown.”

However, others criticised the way the woman was “beaten” and attacked by passengers.

Last week a video emerged of a drunk man on a Ryanair plane who was escorted off by police after “screaming” at other passengers. 

The man is believed to have been part of a stag do who were allegedly drinking a mixture of vodka and Red Bull throughout the flight.

Footage – taken by fellow passenger PR consultant Deborah Martin – shows the airport police trying to get hold of the man’s boarding pass and hand luggage.

However, the man – who seems to be called Paddy – appears to be confused by the events occurring and repeatedly says: “What’s happening?”

The police officer continues to debate with the man before eventually grabbing hold of him by his neck and arm. The passenger is then dragged down the aisle and off the plane, followed by the police.


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