WATCH: Shocking moment ‘drunk’ Ryanair passengers throw violent punches on airport bus

Ryanair passengers have been filmed in a shocking fight on an airport shuttle bus in Spain. Horrifying footage from Alicante Airport shows the man and the woman caught up in the violent brawl. The pair were said to be “drunk” and were alleged to be “in a very fresh relationship.”

Another blond-haired woman is seen attempting to help but gives up as the pair continue to tussle. As the fight escalates further she again attempts to intervene.

A second clip from the scene shows the furious couple at the back off the bus, this time both on their feet.

The man can be seen attacking the woman and punching her repeatedly, knocking her head against the window.

An alarmed witness told The Sun the two were on holiday together and were in a “very fresh relationship”.


She said she believed they had become inebriated on the flight from Birmingham to Alicante.

“I think they were having a domestic that got so heated it became violent, and that one of them just touched a nerve – I think she lashed out first,” said the witness, who described the fight as “shocking and mortifying.”

She added: “We have no idea what they’d argued about, but when it kicked off things escalated so quickly we couldn’t imagine what had been said.”

Passengers reported the two Britons were locked inside the shuttle bus after others failed to break up the brawl, according to The Sun.

They claimed the man made a dash for it when the doors were opened while others alleged he was later seen alone on a bench in the arrivals terminal.

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Police are understood to have been called although it is not known if further action was taken.

A Ryanair spokesman told “The crew of this flight from Birmingham to Alicante (26 Oct) requested police assistance upon arrival after several passengers became disruptive. This is now a matter for local police.”

Ryanair has previously attempted to prevent intoxication on their planes by asking airports to stop selling alcohol before 10am.

They also suggested a two-drink policy per passenger, which could be regulated by scanning boarding passes.

Airports are currently exempt from the Licensing Act which restricts the time people can be served alcohol.

The number of drink-fuelled incidents has risen by almost 400 percent over the past five years but beleaguered attendants claim the vast majority go unaccounted with only the most severe recorded.

Civil Aviation Authority figures show 400 incidents annually but data from the airlines puts it at 4,000 – more than 10 a day – a nine percent rise on last year.

Airline staff want the Government to target drunk fliers with more prosecutions, stiffer penalties and schemes to identify potential problem passengers so they can be stopped from boarding.

They say aggressive and drunken behaviour is becoming almost normal on some routes with attendants dreading services to “party” destinations.


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