WATCH | KZN snake catcher on baby watch after rescuing two pregnant green mambas in two days

KwaZulu-Natal snake catcher Nick Evans could not believe his luck when he happened upon two pregnant green mambas – on two consecutive days.

He was called out to a house in Shallcross on November 6, where he found the first pregnant mamba.

“It’s a beaut, she’s full of eggs,” Evans can be heard shouting in excitement on a video as he holds the snake.

The slithery serpent was curled up behind a washing machine when he found it.

He told News24 green mambas were uncommon in areas like Shallcross as they generally lived in coastal areas. He suspects a small number of snakes may have found a new home in a river on a reserve close by.

The second mamba was found in a retaining wall on the premises of a local school in Tongaat on November 7.

At first glance, Evans thought the snake had just eaten but, little did know, he was in for his second surprise.

“I caught a pregnant one yesterday in someone’s kitchen. That’s very exciting,” Evans told onlookers.

He explained to the crowd that it might have been looking for a spot to lay its eggs.

According to him, the first snake carried nine eggs, while the second had 10.

Evans will be on baby snake watch until the mothers give birth.

“Once they give birth, I’ll feed and then release them,” he said.

Last month, Evans rescued a pregnant 3.3m python from a river in KwaZulu-Natal


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