Watch Kimmel Roast Trump’s Turkey Pardon, Prep for Politically Contentious Thanksgiving Meals

Jimmy Kimmel rolled his eyes at President Donald Trump’s annual turkey pardon and helped people prep for Thanksgiving dinner with that uncle on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday.

During his monologue, Kimmel noted how “magnanimous” Trump was at the turkey pardon and the intensity with which he went about the White House’s silliest ceremony. “Those turkeys should be pardoning him, by the way,” Kimmel cracked.

Later, Kimmel noted that for many families, this year’s Thanksgiving will surely be more politically contentious than usual. To help people prepare for any drama at the dinner table, Kimmel invited “your uncle” — played by Fred Willard — to offer a preview of all the terrible things he has in store for this year’s feast.

The bit opened with uncle reading a copy of Donald Trump, Jr.’s new book and promising to spout off about the impeachment circus and the climate change hoax. But uncle also promised to bust out some classics as well, like Benghazi and “the fact that most lesbians are witches… ever seen a lesbian float?” Otherwise, uncle said he wanted to keep the rest of his cards close to his chest, although he did let one more talking point slip: “I have it on good authority that the Mexicans helped Hillary win in 2016.”


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