Warrior Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Not for a Drink, a F*ck, or a G*damn Prayer

Nevertheless, Penny’s comment allows Jacob to reveal that the offensive odor is opium, exposing Ah Sahm’s (Andrew Koji) deception. The betrayal cuts deep and later, when Ah Sahm comes to survey the damage for himself, Penny threatens to scream, knowing full well that it would be the end of Ah Sahm because of racial profiling. Their relationship has soured tragically since their affair in Season 1. Later, the Mayor (Christian McKay) inspects the damage too. He’s lawyered up and lets Penny know that late delivery negates the Cable Car contract. Penny begs the Mayor, but he says he’ll be happy to see her at home.

In more opium developments, Lee (Tom Weston-Jones) stumbles into SFPD looking awful after his first puffs of opium, just as O’Hara (Kieran Bew) and the force prepare to take revenge on the Fung Hai for the raid on his home. O’Hara orders Lee to be straight for the raid that night. Meanwhile, Flannagan (David Butler) pays a visit to Leary, implying that he knows Leary is behind the bombings. He tells him to stop but Leary stands his ground, reversing blame to the politicians who drove his people to such desperate measures. 

Warrior Wine and Women

Ah Toy (Olivia Cheng) visits Nellie’s (Miranda Raison) Sonoma winery (a journey which would take days to get to from Chinatown without the Bay bridges, none of which were erected at the time when Warrior is set). Nevertheless, it’s a pleasant break from the oppressive ghetto sets of Warrior’s Chinatown. Seeing the beautiful refuge that Nellie has built, Ah Toy gets misty, remembering her grandmother growing tomatoes.

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This, like the bridges, is historically awkward because tomatoes are a New World crop. They came into China a little over a century ago. Warrior is set around a century and a half ago, so while it is possible that Ah Toy’s grandmother farmed tomatoes in China at that time, it’s unlikely. Nellie finds Ah Toy who escaped to the cask room. She gives her a taste of her wine, makes her move and they start snogging. Wait…what? It’s a great ‘didn’t see that one coming’ moment for Warrior, exactly the sort of soap operatic twist that makes for good TV. Where this might lead is anyone’s guess. 

The Raid Redemption

Chao’s (Hoon Lee) plan to set up Zing (Dustin Nguyen) and the Fung Hai comes to pass and it’s a delicious bit of ultraviolence. With the SFPD waiting for his signal outside, Chao delivers Zing’s blades as promised, with two of Chao’s delivery men being Long Zii in disguise. One is Li Yong. Zing gets suspicious when Chao refuses to be overpaid, and his men restrain Chao and force him to drink mare’s milk. Meanwhile, the Long Zii men kill some Fung Hai so Li Yong can plant Ah Toy’s sword. But the bodies are discovered, and the gig is up. Unleash the mayhem. Li Yong starts methodically taking out Fung Hai men on a staircase. All bloody hell breaks loose with lots of stabbing through the head and a brutal eye gouge.


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