War and peace both need art funding | Brief letters

Have others noted that if the £37bn that the government has committed to the outsourced test-and-trace scheme is spent over the planned two-year period, it will cost a little over £350m a week? Worth putting that on the side of a bus.
William Wallace
Liberal Democrat, House of Lords

The irony of there being £2m for new art commissions depicting conflict (Imperial War Museums behind £2m project for new art on conflicts, 11 March) would not be lost on the Peace Museum in Bradford, where such a sum would enable a transformation in the creation and interpretation of peace art.
Peter Nias

For some months now I’ve been developing my own temperature scale, based on the number of people I spot on my morning walk to buy the paper. The formula works by deducting the total number of bobble hat wearers I see from the number of people wearing shorts (Letters, 11 March). It’s a good indication of the coming spring. A few weeks ago it was down to -13, but it has been climbing since then. Often people cancel themselves out of the equation by wearing both.
Matthew Newman

Sorry, Diane (Letters, 11 March), but the crossword was correct. If you’re aged 79, the purpose of a lectern is sometimes to support both speaker and their notes!
Rev Keith Burchell

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