Walmart planning video game streaming service claim sources

Microsoft and Sony’s next big rival?

Just days after Google announced Stadia, rumours emerge that the owner of Asda is trying to interest developers in its own rival service.

Google Stadia has a lot of questions hanging over itGoogle’s Stadia is impressive tech but where were all the games?

Now that Goggle’s Stadia platform has been announced it’s clear that the video games industry is about to undergo some major changes.

Microsoft and Sony are both expected to unveil their new consoles next year – with Microsoft trialling its streaming service this year – but even before Google’s unveiling there were rumours that Amazon and Apple are both considering their own streaming services.

But nobody ever mentioned Walmart before.

According to website USgamer, Walmart, who own UK chain Asda, have already been talking to developers about plans to start their own streaming service.

Walmart has supposedly been talking to both developer and publishers since the beginning of this year and at the Game Developers Conference were Stadia was unveiled.

Although the site claims multiple sources there are no further details and it’s unclear how far along Walmart’s plans are.

The idea might seem odd at first but Amazon are also a retailer and their rumoured interest in streaming is completely believable, especially as they own Twitch.

Walmart’s rivalry with Amazon has led them to invest more and more in high-tech markets, and they have a technology division in Silicon Valley called Walmart Labs and a massive data centre in Missouri.

It’s not even the first time Walmart has explored the idea of running its own streaming service, after abandoning plans for a Netflix rival earlier in the year – although it still operates the Vudu digital video storefront in America.

That may mean that even if they do start their own video game streaming service it’ll initially only be in North America, but at this rate there’s going to be more streaming services than there are video game publishers…

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