Voters scream ‘let’s get on with it’…so respect them and do it, says JAMES CLEVERLY MP

That means leaving the EU by 31 October and delivering on the domestic issues that will unlock the potential of people and places in every part of the country. We have a lot to be proud of but so much further to go. The Prime Minister has listened to people’s concerns and it’s time to turn his plans into a reality. A Queen’s Speech – which sets out the Government’s legislative agenda – will allow us to do just that.

Those who seek to portray this as antidemocratic are playing politics. The current session is the longest in nearly 400 years. A new parliamentary session will let us revitalise the House and introduce the legislation we need to support our NHS, reduce violent crime and cut the cost of living.

Not only this, but MPs from across the House have been asking for a Queen’s Speech. In May, the Shadow Chancellor criticised the Government for not putting a Queen’s Speech before Parliament, while the Shadow Leader of the House has been asking for a Queen’s Speech for over a year. Strange, then, that she now considers it ‘antidemocratic’ for the Government to take the steps needed to introduce one.

Let’s be clear. In a phoney defence of democracy, opposition MPs are clubbing together in an attempt to overturn the democratic decision of the British people. Together with the Lib Dems and SNP, Jeremy Corbyn is actively seeking to undermine negotiations and stop Brexit happening altogether. 

Labour’s repeated promises to respect the referendum result lie in tatters and every day it becomes clearer that Corbyn’s sole objective is to overturn the biggest democratic mandate in history.  

Corbyn is even now encouraging MPs and his hard-left mob of supporters to occupy bridges and block roads in protest. Having taken this to heart, one Labour group saw fit to protest outside an MP’s family home. It’s clear that all they want to do is stop Brexit by any means – even if it means intimidating politician’s families.  

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At the last election, both the Conservatives and the Labour Party promised to deliver on the referendum result, but only the Conservative Party has been working to do so. We will leave the EU by the 31 October whatever it takes – ideally with a deal, but if necessary without one. 

Corbyn, meanwhile, has let down the millions of Labour voters who voted to leave the EU because he cannot control his Shadow Cabinet. 

Only this week, a video emerged in which Sir Keir Starmer, the Shadow Brexit Secretary, Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, and Dawn Butler, the Shadow Women’s Minister, revealed that Labour want another referendum regardless of the outcome of our negotiations with the EU. They will campaign for remain in any circumstances, whatever deal is on the table. 

Butler went so far as to say there was “something wrong” with Brexit voters. Starmer called for a second referendum and for Labour to campaign to Remain, while Emily Thornberry said that Labour “must campaign unequivocally for Remain.” Broken promise after broken promise. Whether it’s student debt or Brexit, you cannot trust Corbyn to deliver on what he says. 

Meanwhile, we are taking practical action to deliver on our promises.  Alongside ensuring we are in a position to leave the EU by the 31st of October – whatever the circumstances – the Prime Minister has announced funding for 20,000 extra police officers and £1.8 billion to improve our hospitals.

Next week, Sajid Javid will announce the Spending Review, which will set out the Government’s ambitious proposals. We will give Whitehall departments certainty over their budgets and confirm our plans to fund the nation’s priorities – from the NHS to schools.

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Because it is not just the parliamentary term which gets underway this week, but also the school term – a pertinent reminder of the importance of investing in the future of the next generation. Our phonics reforms have led to dramatic improvements in children’s reading and more pupils now study in good or outstanding schools.

But we know we need to do more. The PM will ensure our schools have the resources they need to provide a world class education for all children, with a £14 billion cash boost for schools announced by the PM just this week.

It’s time for MPs to overlook what we may disagree on and come together over the fundamentals of the democratic mandate handed to us. Politicians don’t get to decide which votes to respect. The certainly shouldn’t be instructing civil disobedience. We must deliver on the result of the referendum and make the most of the opportunities that Brexit offers us. Let’s just get on with it. 


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