Voice of the Mirror: Trophy hunting ban consultation huge step towards stopping trade

There are few more grotesque acts than killing an innocent animal for pleasure.

That act is especially sickening when the quarry is threatened with extinction.

This is why the Mirror launched a campaign to end trophy hunting.

The sick “sport”usually involves corralling innocent animals into a small area and then eliminating them with high-powered rifles.

UK laws then allow the cowardly perpetrators to bring the animal parts back home.

So we welcome the decision by ministers to launch a consultation with a view to stopping this vile trade.

This is an important step forward in our campaign.

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We shall hold the ministers’ feet to the fire until an outright ban is brought into place.

The need for action could not be more pressing. Each year hunters import more than 300 animal parts into the UK.

It has to stop.

Credit crunch

It is hard to disagree with Jeremy Corbyn’s verdict that Universal Credit has been an “unmitigated disaster”.

People have been driven into poverty, left in debt and forced to turn to foodbanks.

It is hard to disagree with Jeremy Corbyn’s verdict that Universal Credit has been an “unmitigated disaster”


More than £1.3billion of taxpayers’ money has been spent on a system that has failed in its primary purpose – to provide support for those most in need.

This paper has led the fight for the Government to end this injustice. After a year-long review, Labour has made the right decision to replace it with a new system.

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Only then can we restore fairness and dignity to social security.

Mum’s mission

Prince Harry yesterday retraced his mother’s footsteps when he visited a minefield in Angola.

Princess Diana’s visit 22 years ago drew the world’s attention to the terrible legacy of the country’s civil war.

Yesterday would have been a moment of great emotion but also great pride for Harry.

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