Voice of the Mirror: 'Tory MPs who fail to support cutting £600 from bills will be punished'

We urge every MP to back Keir Starmer’s Labour amendment to the Queen’s Speech, says the Voice of the Mirror

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak
Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak

CONSERVATIVE MPs and those of any other party who vote against or fail to support Labour’s bid today to cut up to £600 from household energy bills will be punished for blocking the public interest.

Because politics is about choosing sides and Boris Johnson and his Tories protecting North Sea oil and gas giants from a modest windfall tax is the championing of hugely profitable corporations over hard-pressed consumers.

So we urge every MP to back Keir Starmer’s Labour amendment to the Queen’s Speech.

Home Office Minister Rachel Maclean smugly advising workers struggling with rising bills to consider taking on more hours or moving to better paid jobs underlined how much the Tories are part of the problem.

Her haughty lecture added insult to injury for families such as those we highlight today.

Blaming the low paid and poor for their misery is an old Tory trick from a party that is tolerating and even encouraging harsh economic conditions.

We need a windfall tax on North Sea giants for starters. Let’s see who votes for it.

Fire the pariah

Vladimir Putin



UKRAINIAN advances against Russian invaders who are dying in their droves underline the self-harm inflicted by president Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin tyrant’s killed or wounded upwards of 50,000 of his countrymen by launching a war that has humiliated Russia’s armed forces, wrecked its economy and destroyed Russian prestige.

If Russians want to rebuild their country, the remedy is in their hands. They must get rid of pariah Putin.

They’re trouble

IS there no problem that can’t be made worse by Boris Johnson and a Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, blinded by a fixation to appear the next Margaret Thatcher?

The Tories claimed they had an oven ready deal to get Brexit done so playing politics with Northern Ireland is utterly contemptible.

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