Voice of the Mirror: Suspending Parliament is scandalous sidelining of democracy

Suspending Parliament is a scandalous sidelining of democracy by an unelected Prime Minister.

Cynical Boris Johnson has confirmed he is an unprincipled Tory, putting himself first, second and third.

Shamefully dragging the Queen into a constitutional crisis that he has engineered only underlines the charlatan’s complete lack of respect for our country’s treasured values, institutions and conventions.

Deceitful Mr Johnson brazenly lied in the 2016 referendum and is lying now in Downing Street. Closing down Parliament to avoid scrutiny of his threat to push Britain off a Brexit no-deal cliff is cowardly.

Afraid his egotistical journey would be ended by the sovereignty of Parliament, this is the coup of a pompous PM.

And the great British public must unite to defeat this outrage. This is not about whether you want to remain in Europe or leave. This is about saving Parliament from a piratical PM.


Age old shame

When our senior citizens will have spent the equivalent of the annual state pension with four months of the year remaining, we see what a pittance it really is.

To be nearly £4,500 a year short means those without occupational pensions must eat into often meagre savings – or not eat at all.

Poverty among the elderly is on the up.

With talk about raising the qualifying age to 75 from the 67 to be imposed in 2028, Tories already under fire for axing free TV licences do not deserve the votes of our elderly.

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Fruits of Bury

Little is likely to comfort Bury fans after the collapse of their beloved team after 134 years as a football club.

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Yet in the weeks and months ahead, supporters will hopefully take heart from the fall and rise of the likes of Wimbledon, Rangers, Darlington and Maidstone United.

Let us hope a Bury Phoenix emerges from the ashes.



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