Vladimir Putin has ‘small man syndrome’ and would ‘not have invaded Ukraine if he were a woman’

MAD Vlad Putin has “small man syndrome” and is a “lunatic”, Ben Wallace blasted today.

The Defence Secretary piled in after Boris Johnson claimed the dictator would not have invaded Ukraine if he was a woman.

Boris Johnson say Putin is too "macho"


Boris Johnson say Putin is too “macho”Credit: AFP – Getty
Boris Johnson will today urge all Nato members to increase their defence budgets to help fight Vladimir Putin’s Russia


Boris Johnson will today urge all Nato members to increase their defence budgets to help fight Vladimir Putin’s Russia

In an interview with German TV station ZDF the PM said the Russian President was too “macho”.

He added: “If you want a very good example of toxic masculinity, it’s what he’s doing in Ukraine.

“If Putin were a woman, which he obviously isn’t, but if he were, I really don’t think he would have embarked on a crazy macho war of invasion and violence in the way that he has.”

And today Mr Wallace said the Kremlin despot clearly has “small man syndrome”.

He said: “You never hear of small woman syndrome, only small man syndrome, and he has it in spades.”

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The PM is at the Nato summit in Madrid to call on other alliance members to commit more cash to their defence budgets.

He said “all allies need to dig deep” in the decade ahead and increase the two per cent of GDP military spending target.

In an eve of summit embarrassment, PM Mr Johnson was forced to admit that he has torn up a flagship manifesto pledge to increase spending on the Armed Forces by 0.5 per cent above inflation every year.

Mr Wallace said the British military survived for too long on “a diet of smoke and mirrors, hollowed-out formations and fantasy savings”.

Today he reiterated his call for increased defence spending to counter the threat from Russia.

He said: “My settlement was done before Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia is very, very dangerous on the world stage.

“The world is less secure than it was two, three years ago and is not looking likely to change for the rest of the decade.

“That is the moment, in the middle of the decade, to say we should commit to increased funding.”

New army chief, General Patrick Sanders, publicly warned it would be “perverse” to shrink troop numbers as planned from 82,000 to 72,500 during the Ukraine war.

Sources say at least £4billion more will be needed to make sure the UK does not miss the two per cent pledge by 2025.

The MoD has said the country is on target to do inside two years because of inflation.

On his way to Spain, the PM told The Sun: “Last year we were the third biggest defence spender in the world.

“We’ve another £24billion going in under the current spending review, the biggest since the end of the Cold War.”


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