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Video games to the rescue – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The beloved Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris made headlines recently, and not the way anybody wanted it to make headlines. Thankfully fire crews were able to keep the entire structure from burning to the ground, but the damage done will take millions of dollars and years to restore.

People around the world have been chipping in to help, including the maker of a popular video game series.

Yes, video game studio Ubisoft in France has pledged €500,000 to help with restoration efforts.

What’s the studio’s connection to Notre Dame? The developer makes a popular historical video game series called “Assassin’s Creed.” In these games you essentially travel back in time to different historical periods to play the game.

In 2014, Ubisoft released “Assassin’s Creed Unity.” The game takes place in 18th-century Paris, and the developers had to build that world up from scratch. And of course the world includes a digital artistic rendering of Notre Dame.

It makes sense for the Pope and officials in The Vatican to promise help restoring the sacred structure, but a video game company? That’s newsworthy. We wish all the best in these efforts.

Editorial on 04/18/2019

Print Headline: Video games to the rescue

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