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Video games can improve children’s mental well-being, survey says – WVLT.TV

(WVLT/CBS) – A new survey says video games might help improve children’s mental well-being, literacy and communication skills.

CNN reported the National Literacy Trust interviewed 2,626 people between ages 11 and 16 across the UK for a video games survey. The interviews were held between November and December 2019.

According to the results more than a third of the respondents said playing video games made them better readers, which might improve their writing. The survey also said that about 3 in 5 people who play video games also write something related to gaming once a month, including blogs.

More than a third (35.3%) of the children who play said they believe video games make them better readers — with the vast majority (79.4%) saying they read materials related to gaming once a month. The materials included in-game communications, reviews and books.

Video games provided a “shared cultural experience” that supports positive communication with peers and family, researchers added. Three in 4 people who play, talk to their friends about it compared to only 3 in 10 who discuss books.

The “shared cultural experience” of gaming also supports positive communication with friends and family, according to researchers.

“Young people said that playing video games helps them to build social connections both ‘in real life’ and online,” the researchers said.

Stronger communication and social connections make for improved mental well-being, the researchers concluded.

“Many young people said that playing video games helps them either deal with, or escape from, stress and difficult emotions,” researchers said, adding that it could be particularly helpful during coronavirus lockdowns.

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Researchers did not provide details on the types of video games played or for how long the children played them.

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