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Video Game Leaking Culture Has Hit an Embarrassing New Low – Push Square

Video Game Leaking Culture Has Hit an Embarrassing New Low 1

The cult of clout that circles so-called video game insiders appears to be something a handful of terminally online social media users can’t live without, and it can lead to some strange conclusions. Consider the latest online drama, then, which is so bizarre it’s actually started trending overnight. Midori, an alleged SEGA and Atlus know-it-all who garnered a track-record for a series of accurate leaks, has been outed as a fraud.

The supposed snoopster, who assembled an enormous online following, presented themselves as a young Japanese lady – and even used broken English in many of their posts to strangely sell the illusion. It turns out, however, they’re a white man in their 30s, who just so happened to obtain an internal presentation from SEGA which enabled them to successfully leak a handful of projects early on. Once the content dried up, they were apparently working behind-the-scenes to “trade” with others for insider information.

This resulted in the account’s accuracy nose-diving, and many suspected something was amiss. As the heat turned up on Midori’s real identity, a Reddit post exposed all overnight, before promptly being nuked. The user has since admitted to everything. We’re going to refrain from sharing any of the accusations here because it does include personal information, but it’s probably safe to say SEGA may take further action now the individual’s identity has been exposed.

Either way, it’s a reminder, yet again, to cross-examine everything you read on social media. The industry at large, with its cloak-and-daggers secrecy, has cultivated this kind of environment, where tipsters with one or two accurate leaks become heroes among the community. But unless the source is water-tight, it’s best to approach any speculation with a cautious eye – a lot of the time, it’s just individuals desperately chasing Internet fame.


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