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Video Game Footage Misrepresented as Real-Life Israel-Hamas … – Factly

Amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, numerous video clips, particularly from the video game Arma 3, are being widely circulated on social media, purportedly as real footage of the war. This article aims to verify the authenticity of such videos.

Video 1:

A video depicting tanks under missile attack is being extensively shared on social media with the claim that it shows the Lebanese Militant group Hezbollah destroying 22 Merkava tanks and killing 140 Israeli soldiers. Let’s verify the claim made in this post.

A reverse image search of the keyframes extracted from the viral video led us to the same video published on the YouTube channel of ‘PRO LRR’. The channel clearly labels the video as a virtual game simulation from the video game ARMA. Furthermore, the channel hosts numerous other video game simulations. However, according to media reports, while there has been an exchange of fire between Israel’s military and Hezbollah along the tense Lebanon-Israel border, this footage is from a video game simulation and does not depict any real-life event.