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Victoria Beckham faces backlash from angered neighbours: 'Changes the whole landscape'

“The statement says ‘The intention for the pond is to improve the landscape aesthetically’ how can you improve the landscape around Great Tew and surrounding areas, what you have at the moment is crop, planted fields, that’s what farmland is and used for, it’s always been green and planted and the land has always been fields?

“They also add ‘to the enjoyment of family living’. If they don’t want to live in the countryside in an open area of green fields, why buy the properties in the first instance after all they have properties in Los Angeles, Florida, New York and London?”

The celebrity couples’ luxurious Cotswold estate is neighbouring trendy hotspot Soho Farmhouse.

Referencing the Beckham’s need for privacy, Mr Douglas commented: “Had they wanted more privacy, why buy barns so close to a public lane which all members of the public can use, even those attending Soho House?


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