VF Corp full-year revenue up 2 percent, expects Q1 sales to halve

VF Corporation has reported a slight uptick in full-year revenue but has
warned of a potential halving of its Q1 revenue as countries begin to
cautiously ease their Covid-19 lockdowns.

The company, which owns brands The North Face, Vans and Timberland, saw
full-year revenue increase by 2 percent, or 4 percent in constant dollars,
to 10.5 billion dollars.

But for the fourth quarter, revenue fell 11 percent, or 10 percent in
constant dollars, to 2.1 billion dollars, driven by plummeting consumer
demand amid international lockdowns.

The company reported a net loss of 483.8 million dollars for the
quarter, compared to a profit of 128.8 million dollars in the prior-year

It now expects first-quarter revenues to be down slightly more than 50

“Through the first ten months of fiscal 2020 our business delivered
results above our stated long-term growth objectives. Then the world
changed for all of us as a result of Covid-19,” said VF Corp CEO Steve
Rendle in a statement. “As we’ve implemented measures to care for and
protect our people, we’ve also taken several key actions to advance our
Enterprise Protection Strategy.”

Cost-cutting measures

These measures include the completion of a 3 billion dollar bond
offering; the temporary suspension of its share repurchase plan; the
previously announced divestiture of its Occupational Workwear business; and
temporary reductions to the salaries of its executive leadership team.

The company said that it currently has around 3 billion dollars of cash
on hand as well as around 2.2 billion dollars available through its
revolving credit facility.

Rendle continued: “These prudent actions, most of which have been
precautionary, have helped us preserve liquidity and given us more
flexibility to manage our global business operations through the prolonged
crisis. Moving forward we’re committed to using this moment to set VF and
our brands up for the next successful chapter in our 121-year history.”

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All of the company’s retail stores in the APAC region, including
Mainland China, have reopened, though traffic remains down “significantly”
compared with last year.

It has also begun a phased reopening of its retail stores in the EMEA
region, and is prepared to begin in North America. The company said it
expects all its retail stores to be open by mid-2020.

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