Vela Games Raises $17.3M in Series A Funding Round With Investment From Novator, Ubisoft and LVP

Vela Games has announced a $17.3M Series A investment in the studio, from lead investor Novator and with additional investment from Ubisoft and LVP.

The new round of funding will accelerate development on Vela Games’ debut title, codenamed Project-V. The studio was founded in 2018 by Travis George, Brian Kaiser, and Lisa Newon George, and previously raised $6.9 million in funding rounds, to establish a team of over 25 talented developers and prove out their design.

The studio describes Project-V as a Multiplayer Online Co-Operative (MOCO), and it has now entered its pre-alpha stage of development.

The new investment will also allow the developer to further grow the team, having hired veterans from the likes of Blizzard, Epic, Riot Games, and Moon Studios in recent months. The studio will be immediately opening a new set of positions across disciplines, for those interested in working on Project-V.

“Our sights are set high with the goal of introducing MOCO to the world and taking co-operative games to the next level,” said Vela Games co-founder Travis George. “The response from playtesters so far has been incredibly positive and has only strengthened our commitment to expand on our unique gameplay formula, where skilful teamplay and adapting to the unexpected are truly rewarded.

“We’re pleased that our investment partners share our passion and excitement for what we’re creating with Project-V. We have ambitious plans for the game and what it will become, and in the coming months we look forward to growing the Vela team and our player community.”


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