Vegan activist is banned from seeing pig she ‘rescued’ and took to Wagamama

Alicia Day gave up Jixy Pixy so the RSPCA could find him somewhere to live after she was kicked out of her flat (Picture: Triangle News)

A vegan activist slammed for keeping a pig she ‘saved’ from slaughter in her two-bed flat and taking him to Wagamama has been banned from visiting him.

Alicia Day, 31, had to hand the hog – which she named Jixy Pixy – to the RSPCA when her landlord kicked her out of her pad in Southall, west London, after finding out about the guest.

The animal charity said the pig has been ‘moved to a farm far away’, but Ms Day vowed to hire private detectives to help track him down if that’s what it takes to be reunited with her ‘baby’.

She has also threatened to sue the RSPCA for prohibiting visits.

But they insist Ms Day agreed all contact would cease when she signed the pig over.

Ms Day said she ‘saved’ the pig, which she then took for walks and a trip to Wagamama (Picture: Triangle News)

Ms Day wrote on Facebook: ‘I’m currently working with a lawyer to find out where he is, if that doesn’t work I’ll hire a private detective.

‘This isn’t over until the day I die.’

But the RSPCA told her in an email: ‘Thank you for taking the time to contact me about the piglet which you transferred ownership of.

‘Unfortunately, we are unable to allow you to visit the piglet as he has been moved to a farm far away, and once you have transferred ownership of an animal, we make all the arrangements to find a new home for them.

‘However, I know this will be disappointing to hear as you clearly miss him. So I have asked the farm to provide me with some pictures of him.

‘Here are the pictures that were taken on Monday of him having a lovely time in his new home.’

The latest photo of Jixy Pixy at his new farm home (Picture: RSPCA/Triangle News)
Ms Day walked the pig on a lead down Ealing Broadway (Picture: Triangle News)

Ms Day fed Jixy Pixy Tofu Pad Thai in Wagamama and described how she instantly loved him like a child.

After suddenly being left homeless, Ms Day contacted the RSPCA to help find him a new place to live.

Ms Day has now tried to retract the handover and has questioned the authenticity of the pictures, saying the pig should have put more weight on.

She also fears he’ll be slaughtered at the farm, something the RSPCA denies.

In a statement the charity added: ‘We are still in the process of finding him a suitable place at an RSPCA rehoming facility with appropriate pig accommodation, as this does take time.

‘Once the pig has been fully assessed he will be featured on the RSPCA’s Find a Pet rehoming site.’

Ms Day said she was desperate to be reunited with the pig after spending four days bathing with it and walking it on a lead in Ealing Broadway.

After buying him from a farm in Exeter she said: ‘I can’t save them all but I thought I would save one.

‘Anything for my baby.’

Ms Day is a masters graduate in international business and said she now wants to explore animal rights activism.

She stopped eating meat aged 12 before becoming a vegan this year.

Ian Woodhurst, farming campaigns manager at World Animal Protection, said earlier this month that pigs had complex needs and should never be kept in a home.

‘Pigs require a specific diet, need to be kept apart from other animals and be able to express natural behaviours such as rooting and foraging in earth,’ he said.

‘They need a large space, minimum area of 36 square meters, and access to an outdoor wallow and shelter from the sun.

‘In addition pigs require a license if being moved from the home to the vet for example and are illegal to transport in cars.’


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