Van conversion: From a Parcelforce truck to a home – 'never thought I’d want hot water'

Charlie Glover’s move into Dave, his Parcelforce truck, was quick. He was living in his grandmother’s spare bedroom when he bought the truck back in 2018.

He said: “I wanted a decent sized vehicle. I knew it would be more home than anything. At the time I was working on the road, so I was in hotels, I was in an actual work truck, so I would only be home for a day here and there.”

Charlie chose his Parcelforce truck because it was cheap.

“The second you go above a certain weight threshold, vehicles become a lot cheaper, because most people don’t have the licenses to drive them. But I do have the license, so when Royal Mail got rid of an absolute load of vans in one go, they were dirt cheap. That’s why I got what I got, because of price basically.

“It’s well maintained, it’s well serviced, it’s got half a million miles on it but it doesn’t make any difference on something that’s been serviced every six weeks.”

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