Valve targeting June launch for new Index VR headset, pre-orders starting in May

Valve has confirmed that pre-orders for its new VR headset, known as the Index, will begin on May 1st, with shipments expected to start some time in June.

The company opted to provide official word after a listing for the VR headset was prematurely made live on Steam (as spotted and snapped by Twitter user Wario64). The page, which has now been removed, offered a few additional details regarding the Index that weren’t previously outlined in Valve’s initial teaser.

According to the listing, Valve’s Index headset will include the headset itself, integrated headphones, a tether with DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0 connectors, a power adaptor and regionalised power adaptor plugs, two face gaskets (narrow and wide), and a cleaning cloth. Links from the page pointed to two additional listings, suggesting that the Index controllers and base stations will be sold separately.

Valve later told The Verge that all information in its now-removed listings was “accurate”, although “not comprehensive”. It also clarified that its new controllers (which were previously known as Knuckles) have been renamed Valve Index Controllers.

Index controllers and headsets are expected to launch together in June, according to Valve, although a final release date has yet to be nailed down (this is despite the fact that its early Steam listing suggested a release date of June 15th). Full details will be revealed on May 1st, the same day that pre-orders open.


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