Us theory suggests there’s more to Jason than meets the eye

Could there be more to Jason than we thought?
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Us is the perfect Reddit movie, in that director Jordan Peele wants us to delve into every theory and Easter egg.

And the latest theory to emerge has us feeling all uneasy.

*Warning – major spoilers ahead for Us. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Us, leave now.*

The horror sees the Wilson family meet the Tethered – their doppelgangers who take revenge after a failed experiment and emerge from underground to wreak havoc on their holiday.

Lupita Nyong’o plays Adelaide, who met her doppelganger in a funhouse years earlier – but, in the final scene, we learn that her clone, Red, actually took her place all those years ago, and Red is actually the untethered.

Her son Jason sees Red/Adelaide smiling at him and there’s a flinch of recognition as he realises he may not be free from the monsters that terrorised his family…

… or does he?

A theory suggests that Pluto – the Tethered version of Jason – actually took his place last summer, when Jason went missing and got locked in the cupboard.

Redditor hoopsterben theorised: ‘I believe the summer before the movie takes place, the boy and his “tethered” also switched places. Here is the evidence:

‘He forgot the magic trick. He didn’t actually forget the magic trick, he learned it successfully and burnt half of his face off in the process, though his tethered only has a slight memory of him learning the trick.

‘While at the beach instead of building sand castles he was building tunnels, weird right?

There’s plenty of theories popping up on what really happened (Picture: Universal)

‘When both of the boys are in danger, the moms realise this had happened and each of them focus on their child. You can see in her eyes how sad she is when he burns alive.

‘At the end, he has realised that his mother, at one point, has also switched bodies. She gives him a look almost like “I also know what you know” and then he puts on his mask, as a symbol of the masks they will now wear for the rest of their lives.’

… Yep, we could get on board with that.

Other ‘evidence’ profferred on Reddit to support the theory included Jason saying ‘kiss my anus’, which is a rather weird insult – perhaps the result of a Tethered learning new phrases?

Considering all the Easter eggs scattered through the movie, we’re guessing there’ll be theories coming out of the woodworks for a long time, and we’re not mad.

Us has been a huge success at the box office and received the biggest ever opening weekend for an original horror movie, raking in over $70 million (£53m).

Us is in cinemas now.

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