Uri Geller lifts 20-year Kadabra Pokémon card ban

Uri Geller has freed Kadabra from its 20-year exile from appearing in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

When the franchise was first becoming popular in the West, Geller had once complained that the Pokémon, who is a psychic-type depicted holding spoons, had similarities to himself – the illusionist was once famous for his spoon tricks. Additionally, Kadabra’s Japanese name is “Yungerer.”

Geller sued Nintendo in the early 2000s, and successfully requested a ban on the use of Kadabra in the trading card game. As such, no Kadabra cards have been printed since.

However, it seems that Kadabra has now been liberated. In a conversation with TheGamer, Geller revealed that he is working with Nintendo to bring the character back to trading cards.

“Due to the tremendous volume of emails I am still getting begging me to allow Nintendo to bring back Kadabra/Yungeller, I sent […] a letter to the chairman of Nintendo giving them permission to relaunch the Uri Geller Kadabra/Yungeller worldwide” said Geller.

Geller stated that his letter had been picked up by “two Nintendo representatives.”

Geller also took to Twitter to apologise for imprisoning Kadabra for all these years, stating: “I am truly sorry for what I did 20 years ago. Kids and grownups, I am releasing the ban. It’s now all up to Nintendo to bring my Kadabra Pokémon card back.”

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