Urgent holiday warning as Brits heading to Spain face huge heat blast this week

BRITS heading to Spain have been warned of soaring temperatures, with part of the country expected to hit 42C.

Spain’s meteorological agency AEMET has warned tourists to be careful and aware of “unusually” high temperatures over the next few days.

Brits heading to Spain are being warned of temperatures hitting 42C this weekend


Brits heading to Spain are being warned of temperatures hitting 42C this weekendCredit: Alamy

Parts of the south of Spain and Ebro are expected to hit the highest temperatures, while the Balearic Islands will soar past 35C.

Daytime temperatures will remain around the mid-30s throughout the week.

The heat will peak from tomorrow in Spain and will continue to climb until Saturday.

The scorching temperatures will also see some very warm nights, not dropping below 20C.

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Friday and Saturday will be the hottest days, with the temperature finally falling from Monday.

An AEMET spokesperson said: “The warm episode will be very unusual for mid-May: daytime temperatures between 10C and 15C above normal and night temperatures between 5C and 10C above, with tropical nights in which it will not drop below 20C.”

It is thought that it could be the earliest heatwave since records began.

According to local media, the hottest places in Spain on average include Seville, Murcia and Granada, while the hottest in winter are Gran Canaria and Majorca.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Spain was in 2017, where the town of Montoto in Cordoba hit 47.3C.

Brits in Seville are also being warned of the hot weather with football fans descending on the city for the Rangers game.

Spanish police have said the numbers of ticketless fans set to descend on the city in the coming hours as a “barbarity.”

And they admitted the heady mix of sunshine and cold beer would complicate their attempts to keep control of the security situation.

It comes as the UK is facing its own heatwave this month.

The Met’s long-range forecast has predicted warm temperatures to last until May 23.

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Elsewhere in Spain Brits are being warned of a new crackdown across Spanish holiday resorts that could ruin your trip as Majorca has launched a major campaign against illegal holiday lets.

There are strict new rules across Ibiza and Majorca too, with Brits facing fines up to £250,000 if caught at illegal parties.

The south of Spain will see the highest temperatures this week


The south of Spain will see the highest temperatures this weekCredit: Alamy


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