Unsigned: A Fembot on a quest about love and vengeance in Cookie Cutter

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Cookie Cutter
is a PostPunkRock Cyberpunk Metroidvania about a Fembot in a quest about love and vengeance!


Developer: Subcult Team

Location: Brighton-Sicily

Team size: We’re using pseudonyms to represent our team members:

KingNapalm (artist/director), Tabuto (code), C-BoW (audio), Romanov (writing)

Progress: pre-production, we’re about to finish the prototype

Contact details: Subcult Team,

Tell us about your game and why you decided to develop it?

Cookie Cutter was born from a discarded Unity project, I was asked to redesign a character so I came out with Cherry and I immediately fell in love with her. At the time I was exploring my 2D animation skill, in a couple of weeks I decided to make a demo of a Metroidvania out of it and I thought it was a good idea to include all the things I grew up with: videogames and gory mangas from the 90’s.

Who do you think the audience is?

Metroidvania lovers, people who are looking for a weird, different and solid game experience. People who love good narrative in games, weirdos (my kind of people), and I would be super happy to have a female majority audience.

What experience does the team have?

I (Napalm) worked at Tabuto’s indie game Studio in Catania back in 2008, I was just a comic artist at the time but he taught me pretty much everything about 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, and animations.

Tabuto and I worked together again on Zheros back in 2015. C-Bow and I grew up together playing in different bands in Sicily, and Romanov is one of my best friends, an award-winning talented writer and movie director, including at the 2019 Los Angeles film awards.

Why did you decide to use Unity to create this game?

I am a Unity employee  so when it came to create my game I had no doubt about it. Plus I love how Unity is able to handle and set 2D sprites

How long has the title been in development, how long will it take to complete?

I started CC back in 2017. I worked on it in my free time and at the weekend so the development was pretty slow but I’ll finally finish the prototype at the end of May 2021.

What kind of support are you looking for?

I’m looking for a solid partner that grants me marketing/PR, ports, physical release, development funding, that respects and helps my vision grow. One that can provide me an experienced game designer who worked on a Metroidvania before, someone who’s ready to try to deliver a new kind of product, with a different language and a different charm and that can introduce my product to an Asian audience


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