Unlucky in love? Well, it’s hunting season! As the weather warms up, we share the hidden tricks to finding The One

Picture: Finding The One doesn’t have to be a chore

Struggling to find your soul mate?

We hear you. There’s nothing more demoralising than trawling through thousands of online dating profiles, or meeting up with the occasional token hottie to find that, actually, they’re a complete weirdo. And look nothing like their dating profile. Oh, and aren’t single like they said they were. It’s not ideal.

Don’t fret, though. In honour of the Creme Egg hunting season – the challenge that has the nation searching high and low for the elusive white Creme Egg worth £10,000 – we want to help you hunt down The One.

Here are just a few tips that’ll get you back on the love train – destination: romance.


It takes two to tango

Picture: Internet dating isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

What is your idea of the perfect partner? Someone who makes you laugh and enjoys reading? Or maybe a fitness fanatic with a passion for cooking up a storm in the kitchen?

Whatever it is that gives you the butterflies, it’s worth reflecting those desires back on yourself. If your dream person has very particular hobbies and you don’t take part in any of those things yourself, how do you expect to ever meet them?

We’re not suggesting you change who you are, but if your heart is set on finding someone with certain passion points, it might be a good idea to start exploring those avenues yourself.

At the very least, it will just add another string to your bow, but it could be the first step to finding Mr or Mrs Right.

Get a sidekick

Picture: You love your friends and they love you – they’re your ideal matchmaker

Turn on the bat signal, send out a mayday and make that call – you need the help of your friends when it comes to finding love!

Your family have undoubtedly tried and spectacularly failed in your quest to find love, either finding completely inappropriate people or scaring away the few who had an ounce of fighting chance.

Your friends, however, are far better equipped to help you out. They know you down to a T and they’ll know people who you’ll actually like.

Plus, the chances are that they’ll have other friends outside of your group, so your scope for finding The One increases significantly.

Pluck up the courage and ask if they can set you up with someone – it could just be your big break.

Life’s too short

Picture: Don’t miss out on the love of a lifetime just because you don’t want to lose face – leap at any opportunity you get

You may have already met the love of your life…

It could be a childhood friend or a colleague you’ve had the hots for since day one, or even your friend’s sibling; whoever it is, if the only thing that’s been stopping you from asking them out or telling them how you really feel is that they’re ‘your friend’, then you need to change your attitude.

It’s clichéd, but life really is too short, and it’s not worth torturing yourself over what could be when you could just, well, do it.

There’s no guarantee what the outcome will be, but the chances are that if you’re already that close to someone, they’ve probably thought about it too. And, more importantly, you’re not going to know until you ask, are you?

Open your mind

Picture: Don’t restrict yourself – there’s a whole world out there, and who knows who you might meet?

Looking in the right places is one step, but have you ever considered that maybe – just maybe – you are narrowing your options too much?

There are an awful lot of bad eggs out there, we completely agree. But there are also plenty of great ones if you’re willing to relax a little.

Whether someone’s late for your date, eats with their mouth full or has never heard of your very niche favourite band, that’s not something to judge them on straight away. Give them the chance to show you their true colours; you might be more than pleasantly surprised.

Just remember: compromise is a part of love. No one should have to completely change who they are to please someone, but annoying habits can easily be smoothed out or overlooked – especially if that person can offer you happiness and everything else on top

Love isn’t scripted

Picture: What will be will be – and who knows what lovely surprises love might throw your way

The key thing to take from all of this is that there isn’t a strict formula to hunting down The One.

You could find them later today, tomorrow, or in a year from now, and it’s often entirely down to chance that you meet the perfect person for you.

So stop being hard on yourself and don’t worry. And, if you need something to preoccupy your thoughts in the meantime, there’s a very valuable chocolate egg that needs finding…



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