Unhealthy chocolate and tobacco sales soar – and it’s down to Brexit, Boris and the bad weather

BRITS driven barmy by Brexit, Boris and the weather spent billions on unhealthy tobacco and chocolate this year.

Chocolate sales climbed by £183million helped by new varieties, trade journal The Grocer found.

 Chocolate sales climbed by £183million


Chocolate sales climbed by £183millionCredit: Reuters

Rolling tobacco was up £181.8million and cigs fell £158million as smokers sought cheaper options.

The gin and cocktail boom saw spirit sales up £175million.

Meat fell the most (down £185million) due to a rise in vegan diets and poor barbecue season.

The uncertainty of a deal or no-deal and the election saw many hold back on eating out, holidays and other bigger purchases but, as a result, spend more on eating in and staying at home which boosted supermarket sales for certain products.

The bad weather hit sales of ice cream and cider, for instance, which had boomed during the 2018 heatwaves, but spending on lager was up because of a move towards more premium, craft brands and spirits did well as gin continued to boom.

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Chocolate sales climbed because the manufacturers brought out new products, different pack sizes and variants and because dark chocolate, in particular, is now seen as healthy.

Small boy smoking after women he is with pass him a cigarette outside London restaurant


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