UK’s ‘biggest’ waterpark could be coming soon and it’s Indiana Jones themed

Can’t wait (Picture: Elysium Waterpark)

For a nation that doesn’t know what to do with itself when it gets hot, we need more summer activity options.

So when we heard news of a possible new waterpark coming to the U.K, we got excited.

Named The Elysium Waterpark, the theme park – inspired by Indiana Jones – is said to be the UK’s biggest.

Where will it be? We hear you ask. We know London can’t host a 75 acres park with giant waterfalls, so off to Bournemouth, it will go.

Good news, you can make a beach weekend trip of it.

Named after the Greek concept of the afterlife, Elysium will include a tropical water park, featuring large water slides, rapids and swimming pools.

And of course after all that fun you’re going to have, you’ll probably want to relax.

Good thing that Elysium comes with a wellness and beauty spa that offers facilities including a sauna, hammam spas, massage and beauty treatments.

Think of all the fun you’ll have (Picture: Elysium Waterpark)

‘Elysium will be the most extraordinary, luxurious and largest indoor waterpark in the United Kingdom,’ it reads on its website.

‘Standing alongside other stunning world-class venues across the world, Elysium will look to deliver the ultimate water park paradise and more.’

The park is said to feature wild rides that offer VR technology.

Concept artwork of the park shows that there will be lots of wildlife, including an indoor jungle.

Please let this happen (Picture: Elysium Waterpark)

You can also expect a lagoon area featuring 5 Waves technology, which creates five different surfing wave levels.

There will also be dining options as well as hotels and eco-lodges in the area.

At the moment, the website only lists the plans and has published images to go with it but we don’t have a date for its launch though it is expected to be some time around 2023.

But before that can happen, the park will need to get planning permission.

Costa Acodrinesei – the man who invented it – is hopefuly that his brain-child will come to be.

He told Bournemouth Echo: ‘It’s a very big vision but I know we can do it. It will be like something out of Indiana Jones’.

We can’t wait.

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