UK politics live: minister resigns over aid spending cut; Rishi Sunak freezes public sector pay except for NHS

Latest updates: Liz Sugg, minister for the overseas territories and sustainable development quits; nurses, doctors and NHS workers to get pay rise

5.49pm GMT

The UK government has updated its coronavirus dashboard. Here are the key figures.

5.46pm GMT

The Association of Directors of Public Health have heavily criticised the government for not raising the public health grant – funding to local authorities to improve community health.

They point out that local public health teams have a key role to play in managing the Covid-19 pandemic, and preparing for future ones – and tackle socio-economic causes of health problems.

“It is completely incomprehensible that the Government is not increasing the public health grant” ADPH president, @JeanelleUK responds to the announcement of today’s Spending Review. https://t.co/6R8nMHIgcL pic.twitter.com/23mTPvhznb

It appears there will be no rise in the public health grant for 2021/22. #SpendingReview2020 documents > https://t.co/0FH5SmvVGg pic.twitter.com/VCMR3UIm1y

Sunak’s settlement going down awfully on Covid frontline: directors of public health via @Jeanelleuk
attack lack of £ increase as “completely incomprehensible” while care homes via @vicrayner says the offer is “a catastrophe for social care”.

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