UK hits 10million jab milestone but 1,449 new virus deaths are announced



further 1,449 people have died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19, new Government figures reveal.

The deaths, announced on Tuesday bring the UK total to 108,013 0 and come as the UK hits the milestone of 10 million vaccines administered.

The  daily death toll is a dramatic rise on yesterday’s figure of  406 but a drop on last Tuesday when 1,631 fatalities and 20,089 new cases were announced.

Daily deaths figures have have tended to be higher on Tuesdays due to a build up following weekends which aren’t processed in time for Mondays.

The Government also said that, as of 9am on Tuesday, there had been a further 16,840 lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK.

This is the lowest reported daily total of new cases since December 9, when 16,578 cases were recorded.

It brings the total number of cases in the UK to 3,852,623.

The Government also revealed more than 10 million coronavirus vaccines have now been administered inthe UK.

Government data shows of the 10,143,511 jabs given in the UK so far, 9,646,715 were first doses – a rise of 350,348 on the previous day’s figures.

Some 496,796 were second doses, an increase of 2,587 on figures released the previous day.

They show that the number of cases in Tower Hamlets fell from 1,863 on January 19 to 924 on the 27th, halving in eight days.

In Hackney and the City of London, cases halved in nine days, from 1,728 on the 18th to 860 on the 27th.

For London as a whole, they have halved in 12 days, from 63,949 on the 15th to 31,822 on the 27th.

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Public Health England (PHE) are today investigating strains of coronavirus in the UK which have developed a mutation.

Eleven cases in the Bristol area have been identified as the variant that originally arose in Kent but are now showing the E484K mutation.

A cluster of 32 cases in Liverpool also have the same mutation but relate to the original strain of coronavirus that has been around since the start of the pandemic.

The E484K mutation has been shown to reduce the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing people contracting Covid-19.



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