UK election polls tracker LIVE: Tory lead narrows as Labour bribes voters with ‘giveaways’

In a race that has seen plenty of twists and turns, the latest has seen a tragic turn of events hold the potential to influence policy. Boris Johnson has been accused of politicising the London Bridge terror attack which claimed two young lives, as the Tories publish plans to improve border security. And in the background, some polls show Labour catching up. Follow Express.co.uk below as we track the latest from the opinion polls ahead of the December 12 snap election.


The latest from Survation on behalf of Good Morning Britain shows Labour narrowing its lead.

  • Conservative: 42 percent (+2)
  • Labour: 33 percent (+3)
  • Liberal Democrat: 11 percent (-4)
  • The Brexit Party: 3 percent (-2)
  • Green: 4 percent (+1)
  • Another party (inc Plaid Cymru, SNP): 7 percent (NC)

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This evening out of voting intention is thought to reflect Labour’s promise of sweeping ‘giveaways’, ranging from free childcare to university tuition.

Jeramy Corbyn’s increasing success is also mirrored in the dropping off of the Lib Dems, indicating some Remainers have returned to vote for the Labour Party.

The poll numbers increasingly suggest that the 2019 general election is following the pattern of the 2017.

The last snap election saw the two main parties gradually garner more and more support until they both ended up around the 40 per cent mark, and the election resulted in no overall majority for anyone.


Elsewhere in polling, however, Boris Johnson is maintaining a fierce lead over Mr Corbyn.

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The latest conducted by Opinium from November 27 showed the Tory lead drop slightly, but still holding strong over Labour:

  • Conservative: 46 percent (-1)
  • Labour: 31 percent (+3)
  • Liberal Democrats:13 percent (+1)
  • SNP: 4 percent (-1)
  • Brexit Party: 2 percent (-1)
  • Green: 2 percent (-1)
  • Other: 2 percent (NC)


YouGov has published a major poll, known as a multilevel regression and post-stratification (MRP) poll, conducted for the Times, and the results show Labour will be all but devastated.

The results of their live poll trackers, last updated on November 29, are as follows:

  • Conservative: 43 percent (NC)
  • Labour: 34 percent (+2)
  • Liberal Democrats: 13 percent (-1)
  • Brexit Party: 2 percent (-1)
  • Green: 3 percent (NC)
  • Other: 5 percent


While neither polls nor odds can accurately predict the outcome of an election, a look at the bookies is another good way of gauging public mood.

Oddschecker’s projections are indicating the Tories are on track for 351 seats after the general election, which would be a majority of 25 seats.

The bookies are offering 1/20 odds-on favourites for the Tories, with 12/1 that Labour will secure a majority, 100/1 it will be the Lib Dems in control, and a dismal 250/1 for a Brexit Party majority.

Oddschecker has compiled a map of the 2019 election, which displays each of Parliament’s 650 seats – coloured to represent which party has the highest odds of winning – see below:


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