UK coronavirus live: 4,926 new cases recorded as Boris Johnson warns of six months of restrictions

Nicola Sturgeon announces tighter household measures as PM says England’s new restrictions ‘likely to remain in force for six months’

7.40pm BST

Pressure is mounting on UK universities to cancel face-to-face teaching and move all studies online as cases multiply on campuses, including the University of Liverpool where almost 90 students and staff have already tested positive.

Students have barely begun their studies at the start of the new academic year, but at the University of Liverpool there have already been 87 confirmed cases over a seven-day period in the week before term began.

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7.20pm BST

Most people with coronavirus have symptoms, while asymptomatic cases may make up around 20% of infections, a new study suggests.

Some people who contract Covid-19 never experience any symptoms, and there remains disagreement about what proportion of total infections these cases represent.

I would interpret this paper’s findings with some caution – and use their estimate of a 20% asymptomatic infection rate as just a lower limit.

Although it addresses an important question, it has several limitations, which are mainly due to the limitations in the source material

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