UFO sighting: NASA photo of bizarre B-shaped Mars base '100 percent proof of alien life'

Self-proclaimed alien life expert Scott Waring took to his etdatabase.com blog to speculate about the apparent B-shape spotted in a NASA Mars Curiosity Rover image. He said: “While searching through a Mars photo I found a rugged area of terrain that seemed to have been created by mining.

“Then I found a huge structure along a hillside, with other structures nearby.

“There was also the capital letter B on a hillside.”

The conspiracy theorist speculated how the B might be an entire word in their language or an important symbol.

He added: “This is absolute proof that intelligent aliens lived, thrived and died on Mars.”

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Both of the supposed alien structures were spotted by Waring lying in the Mawrth Vallis valley.

Situated between the southern highlands and northern lowlands, NASA scientists believe the valley is a channel formed by massive flooding which occurred in Mars’ ancient past.

Waring also discussed a shape vaguely resembling a triangle lying to the anomaly’s left-hand side.

He said: “There is definitely, 100 percent, something is lying buried here.

“There is a triangle object with something buried in its centre.”

The outlandish claims quickly attracted scores of comment son Waring’s YouTube channel.

YouTube viewer Mick Welch appeared convinced by the bizarre blog post, commenting: “Any sane mind knows NASA is not sending all these probes and landers to Mars for years to just dig up dirt.

“We’ve spent more time on Mars than the Moon for some reason.”

And Charleen Sampson agreed, writing: “Looks like entrances where you pointed out a triangle/pyramid!

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“It definitely looks more like a B when you went back to it a 2nd time.

“Great finds! So much evidence up there, it’s beyond comprehension!”


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