UFO sighting: Claim of ’white alien orbs’ spied spilling out from ’mothership’ over London

Unusual sights have been reported in the seasonably inclement skies above England’s capital London in recent days. Amateur smartphone footage seems to show some anomalies glowing through the granite-coloured skies.

These supposedly Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) seem vaguely spherical in shape.

And some suggest at least three or four of them can be seen in the 57 second-long clip.

Self-titled expert in all things Scott Waring is among those who controversially think this unverified video has documented evidence of alien UFOs over London.

Mr Waring wrote a post on his UFO Sightings Daily blog, speculating about the provenance of these purported UFOs.

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“Here its [sic] London, but I reported the same white orbs over Mexico, Hawaii, Colorado, California and Japan […] all this week.

“So, you see, I have seen these orbs a lot in the last 15 years.

“And only seen a mother orb three times on video during that time.

“Rare, but the orbs you see in this video come from a mother orb releasing them one by one in this vicinity.“

Such ‘alien craft’ sightings are almost always examples of wishful thinking, an intention to hoax people or a fascinating phenomenon known as pareidolia.

A subcategory of apophenia, this is the tendency for an inaccurate perception of a stimulus.

This can result in seeing shapes in clouds, in inanimate objects and even abstract patterns.

A disturbingly similar incident occurred over Australian city Sydney three weeks ago.

This involved two apparent anomalies being mistaken for UFOs, despite them clearly being cirrus clouds.

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